Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Going To The Zoo In Nashville TN

I have to say that Nashville has a very nice zoo to go to and to take your kids. The animals here seem go have plenty of room to feel comfortable.
They have a decent amount of animals around the zoo and you never really get that feeling of them being to caged up unlike some others that we have been to.
You can also get up close to many of them. Even get to feed a few of them as well.
We really loved taking the kids hear. To top it all off, if you get season passes you can just go here enjoy the animals and just go for a decent walk as well. This is one of the best zoo's that we have been so for. Never to packed and a nice little get away from the city as well.
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They have a great selection of animals and a wide variety, Not sure if I can get all the pictures on this page so you may have to see Nashville zoo 2 to see more. 
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I will be adding more Pictures here shortly.

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